According to the Kegon Sutra (Flower Garland Sutra), when one is born two dieties are born with you on your shoulders. These dieties are called :



Dosho Ten (same birth) and

Domyo Ten (same name).

You may think of these as your own guardian angels or your own divine nature. In the Yakushi Sutra (Medicine Buddha Sutra) these deities are refered to as the Kushojin. We refer to these two dieties as the Gushoreijin (goo show ray gin)

Please feel free to think about this that like a hard disc from PC.

This hard disc will be able to memory our good deeds or bad deeds whole our life.


We settle up one GUshojin protection box each for members.

And then Members renew with paste new year protection seal by offer Gushojin Protection box to our temple buddha.


If you think interesting about this custom, please feel free to contact us.

We will be able to give this protection dities gushojin box for 500 yen.