The Nichiren's Persecution Memorial Ceremony

  In 1257 to 1260, the people of Japan were suffering from earthquakes, epidemic, drought, and famine.

   Looking at these suffering people, Nichiren Daishonin wrote, Rissho Ankoku Ron and appealed to the Government.   He said, ”These sufferings are caused by the wrong practices of prevailing Nembutsu and Zen.   The government should immediately stop the practice of worshipping Amida Buddha, and should go back to the Sakyamuni Buddha.”

  Nichiren Dai’Shonin was calling for a return to traditional values, for the harmony that had existed between Emperor and Buddhism in the days of Saicho, who was the preacher of the Lotus Sutra in Heian Era;

however, the government ignored his appeal.   The devoted Nembutsu followers tried to kill Nichiren and set fire on his hermitage in Pine Forest, the suburbs of Kamakura.

From these time, Nichiren had been received many persecuitions. He told also i didn't receive only many small persecution but also four big persecution such as Matsubagayatsu Persecution, Izu Exile Persecution, Komatsubara Persecution, Ryukoh Persecution.

However Nichiren never give up to spread lotus sutra. 

Nichiren who spread the lotus sutra by spend his life had met prediction of the lotus sutra.   Nichiren shonin became aware Nichiren is conductor of Mappo or Jyogyo Bodhisattva as disciple of Buddha by these experiences. 

After spreading lotus sutra, Nichiren thought deeply between prediction of twenty-line verse of the thirteenth chapter and correspondence of our body.  And then he became aware Jyogyo Bodhisattva during endures Sado Exile persecution.  

Our temple is held Persecution contribution ceremony for nichiren daishonin's great favor on every years's may.

If nichiren didn’t spread the lotus sutra, we can’t recite the lotus sutra.  And then we never know exist of the lotus sutra and the eternal Buddha shakyamuni.  So the purpose of 小松原 persecution ceremony is for tribute of Nichiren and his great achievement.

     So, now we have to continue keeping this odaimoku’s spirits to next generations and much more.