The Oeshiki Ceremony For Memorial prayer to Nichiren Daishonin

We as zuikoh-Ji temple will be held Oeshiki Ceremony for memorial to Nichiren Daishonin.  Oeshiki Service means Nichiren Daishonin’s passing away memorial day.    
There is Daibo Hongyoji temple behind Ikegami Honmonji temple.   This temple was passing away place.   Nichiren became ill in health during staying Mt. Minobu.   He wanted to recover his health by bathing in the hot springs at kakurai in the Province of Hitachi.
(Ibaraki prefecture).   He left Mt. Minobu on September 8.   He refrained from passing through the city of Kamakura, from where he started for Munenaka at Ikegami in the Province of Musashi (Tokyo prefecture) on September 18.   On October 8, he designated the Six Senior Disciples.   Nichiren Passed away during chanting the lotus Sutra by Six major disciples and his many believers at Ikegami on October 13, 1282, at the age of sixty-one.   At the same time, the ground shake and then Cherry blossom bloom although it is out of season.  
     Knowing that the end was near, Nichiren Shonin wrote to his devoted follower, Lor Hakii, to thank him for support and protection he had etended throughout Nichiren Shonin’s many difficulties.   Near the end, Nichiren Shonin instructed Lord Hakii as to where the wanted his tomb to be made: ”I would like to have my tomb erected in Minobu Valley no matter where I die.”
     So, the spirits of Nichiren Daishonin always is staying at Mt. Minobu.
So, whenever we visit to Mt. Minobu for worship like as pilgrimage tour, we will be able to touch and feel and communicate with the spirits of Nichiren. So,
We can touch this at this Oeshiki ceremony is easy to understand for us by reading this Kanji character御会式.  We can touch and feel the spirits of Nichiren Daishonin and we promise that we must spread the Buddhist Dharma and We repay his great favor.