Buddha’s fate and friend of good knowledge

     Old past there are three brothers.   Three brothers lived together.  One day, three brothers decided to move to capital city because they can’t get good enough money at this place if they work harder and harder.  They met three separate ways in front of them during going to capital city together.   Their opinion separate also which road should follow.   Then they separate and they will go to capital city by different ways each other

It has been nearly 10 years since they separated their ways.

     At that time gang of robbers scared citizen.   It was because this gang frequents in this city.    Citizen was shudder with fear of gang.   One day, that gang broke into a house of senior person.   However government police was waiting and chasing against gang, so government police caught this gang after fight at last.   When Gang and policeman and senior person meet their faces each other, they were so surprised.   They were three brothers who separated after promising their success in 10 years ago.

     The life of three brothers that have same resolution changed as big thing during passing 10 years.  After separating by three ways, they did many things on their life.  Elder brother met good destiny that become wealthy person.   Second brother met opportunity to become policeman.  Third brother met bad destiny to become gang.   They met different opportunity or destiny.

     This opportunity is not only for their brothers.   There are many kinds

of fate on our life and during our life.  Meeting other person each other is miracle and wonderful opportunity.   And this fate is very precious one.   I think about my life.   If Nichiren-shu head quarter request to me that please stay in Hawaii or please move to U.S.A.’s other state.  I never meet everybody that is Singapore member.   I believe Buddha shakyamuni said to me this.  There are your workings in Singapore.  So you have to spread in Singapore and Southeast Asia. 

     Nichiren Shonin explained in三三蔵祈雨事this:

     “Friend of good knowledge called 善知識is precious for you.   So this is most important that will meet friends of good knowledge. Buddha shakyamuni explained this by using parable that to see a Buddha is as difficult as for a one-eyed tortoise to find a hole in a floating piece of wood.  So friends of bad knowledge are more than soil of the world in this Mappo. However goods friend is less than soil on our nail.”

     Moreover Buddha Shakyamuni explained also this:

     “You should meet good friend.  If there is no good friend, you should protect solitude”

When nichiren shonin thought his life, it was difficult to meet friend of good knowledge that I have to appreciate as good person.

However he met bad knowledge person who led me to bad way.     

     And then Nichiren Shoninsaid this:

     “Mappo filled with these bad people.”

      I think exactly that to meet the person who led me to good direction is very difficult. And to meet good society and environment and religion and education is also difficult.     So, Nichiren Shonin explained that you should have correct watching eyes and judgment against bad or good.

We should have the good knowledge for looking for the person of good knowledge. And we will be staying good friend of knowledge.  And then we should continue try to do effort as bodhisattva.  And Buddha shakyamuni explained that if we continue tries to do our best as bodhisattva, the way of Buddha’s enlightenment and compassion and happy and gratitude will open.

 Buddha shakyamuni explained in the lotus sutra

chapter ⅩⅩⅦ King wonderful-adornment this:



     “The good men or women who plant the roots of good will obtain teachers in their successive lives.   The teachers will do the work of the Buddha, show the Way to them, teach them, benefit them, cause them to rejoice, and cause them to enter into the Way to Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi.”

What we do good deeds become good opportunity or fate. And then we will be able to meet good master and friend from this life to next life.   Good friend lead us enlightenment to by teaching and explaining honorable way called Buddha’s way 佛道.

     We could chant the lotus sutra by having truly teaching the lotus sutra.   We should think precious with our deeply sincere heart against lotus sutra.  It is nothing to say that this lotus sutra is truly master to get Buddha’s enlightenment.

     I would like to conclude this dharma talk with my hope that this medicine of odaimoku and the lotus sutra continue to next generation.  Thank you for listening and sharing of 善知識.